Thorough preparation and planning as well as efficient implementation are crucial to helping achieve successful IPOs on time and on budget. A key factor in avoiding the loss of value is to identify hurdles and weaknesses early so that these can be resolved or addressed.

Intengo helps both major companies embarking on sizable IPOs as well as startups and smaller businesses seeking to expand their company’s reach to IPO status.  We work closely with your management team, adopting a hands-on approach to assist with the preparation and implementation of the IPO.  Subject to the needs of the client, we can manage all external advisers, coordinate with internal personnel, help to identify and solve hurdles and potential roadblocks whilst assisting with the internal due diligence and construction of a data room.

Without experienced personnel and resources in your company, embarking on an IPO can be a particularly challenging journey.  Intengo’s experienced and sophisticated execution specialists will not only smooth the path but will help to ensure that your successful IPO will put as little strain as possible on your management team, so they can stay focused on running the business.